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South India Gospel Mission in Action is a mission body working to evangelize and edify Christians by planting churches in India. We believe that the church is God’s agent in the world to spread the gospel and impact the community with God’s love. Planting churches and edifying Christians is a mammoth task which needs God’s help and partnership from men.
SIGMA began 25th November, 2006 with a plan to start one new church a year when two young men committed their lives to involve in fulfilling the objectives. As of now two churches are meeting and continuing to grow and two more new places are being worked over to start churches.


“To present everyone complete in Christ by helping them achieve their God-given potential to bear fruit for His glory.” (Colossians 1:28)


To present the pure gospel in its excellence with every means available according to the context and to go beyond evangelizing the not yet Christians by discipling, mentoring and growing in their faith by strategically planting churches to have an impact in their neighborhood for Christ all over India.

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